The Delicious Amazonian Kombucha Beverage

WUAM, brewing Traditional & the 1st Alcoholic (Hard) Jun Kombucha in Denmark with Guayusa, a super leaf, bringing the energy from the Amazonas rainforest and the golden sweetness from Danish Raw Honey.We are the disruption of myths, the dislocation of illusions, the aim to share the passion to give more than usual, offering high quality and unique Jun kombucha for EVERYONE.


Danish Honey and Amazonian Guayusa


WUAM focuses on being part of the CHANGE and not part of the PROBLEM.As a company, we want to have an impact for the better, doing beyond what is established as common. We use only ethically sourced ingredients using sustainable development to create premium products. We are on a mission to end child abuse and increase the quality of life for all.In WUAM we want to boost health while making people QUESTION what they are consuming and where it comes from. We feel the urge to raise awareness for a better lifestyle, encouraging people to WAKE UP and stop consuming processed products.WUAM is changing the present for a fair future for the generations to come.
It is YOUR call, by being WUAM you are part of the solution!

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